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About this site

This website is dedicated to the preservation and continued use of classic technology. Classic technology is defined somewhat loosely - but in general, it can be taken to mean that which is typical or representative of a particular era or type of technology. Something which first made a certain thing possible, set the tone for things to come, or represented a perfection of a thing - perhaps even embodying a vision of what was possible that may or may not have been fulfilled in the future.

The contents of this site

This website is intended to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in classic/old/vintage technology. As I continue to build it, you will see a myriad of different things, such as:

This website is also where I will post updates about my adventures with old technology. The blog section of the site will contain various posts I make about projects I am working on, things I found in the wild, interesting skills and techniques I've discovered, and more.

Behind the scenes

This website is developed on old computers, specifically PC-compatibles running Windows 95 or 98. I use MS Notepad to make changes to the HTML files, and an FTP+Telnet link to my main Linux computer running at home in order to upload the files. The hosting is currently being done by Heroku, with the main files hosted on Github (Git needs a Windows 95 port!).

Testing is done on Netscape Navigator 3.04 and 4.8, and sometimes Internet Explorer 3.0. As a result, this website should load and render properly on those browsers or any newer ones. Expect it to be the fastest on the earliest ones, though - browsers tend to lose speed over time as hardware gets faster and programmers don't have to code as efficiently any more to make it work. I recommend Netscape 3.04 or 4.8 for Windows 3.1 or 95-class machines, and Firefox 1.0.8 or for Windows 98-class machines (Pentium III-ish). As for Macintosh computers, I don't have much experience with those but I know that Netscape Navigator was made for both Windows and Mac back in the day. If you're browsing in MS-DOS, try the Links browser (find it on the FreeDOS website) - it's the fastest one in DOS, but it doesn't always render properly.

Many thanks to my roommate Jacob Johnson for assisting with the server code and helping me get set up with Heroku.

Why does this website exist?

All in all, this is an endeavor not only in historical preservation, but also to bring perspective to modern life by slowing down the world of arbitrary obsolescence that we live in.

There is one principle in particular that has inspired me throughout my journey in this hobby. It runs as follows:

Age is not a factor in determining the intrinsic value of a thing.

And its very important corollary:

Obsolescence is external to technology, not internal to it.

Which means that if a thing becomes obsolete, it's not because it became old. It's because someone came up with something that people liked better, and the old thing was left behind. But this doesn't mean the old thing is bad. My motto is: If it was good when it was new, it can be good again just the same.

Sadly, many people today disagree with the above two principles, and live their lives caught up in a world of constantly, blindly looking ahead, without understanding the path that the world has taken to get to where we are now. In order to understand where we are going, we must know where we have come from - look back in order to learn from both our successes and our failures.

Old technology is often fascinating for this very reason. We can look back with a discerning eye and see both the good and the bad in things - and use that as our guide for the future. Hindsight is 20/20 for a reason.

About Me

I'm Collin Brockway, a hobbyist/enthusiast slaving away to build this website for your enjoyment. I've been interested in this sort of thing for a long time, and I figured it was about time I put some serious effort into documenting my hobby!

You can contact me with questions or comments using the form at this link!

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